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COCKTAIL & long drink BAR


To organise a cocktail bar for your event require experience

At D.N.A. BARTENDING we can advise you when choosing your cocktails, estimating the needs (ingredients, glassware, ice, ...) until the bars mise en place the D Day

Our bartenders will turn your bar(s) into a real entertainment that your guests will love


FRESH jUICE & smoothie BARS


Bar doesn't necessarily mean spirits and alcoholic cocktails !

Our passion is also transmitted with non alcoholic drinks made with freshly squeezed juices and pro stuff to allow you to live the unique experience of a juice bar on your event

Let our bartenders surprise you with their mocktails, smoothies and others detox drinks




Give your guests the opportunity to discover or rediscover the real pleasure of enjoying a tasteful hot drink made by our baristas

Espresso, cappuccino, latte, machiatto...

At D.N.A. BARTENDING, we only use the best ingredients, and work with advanced equipment to share our passion with you

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